San Francisco Area RESULTS
Media Generated in 2017

Date RESULTS Person Medium Item Description
February 19, 2017 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter (pdf) Speaking up for a positive America (America supports the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria; citizen lobbying helps.)
April 7, 2017 Bill Nicholson East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Proposed increase for defense is just not a necessary priority (Helping low-income countries increase access to health care and education would make the world a safer place for all of us.)
April 9, 2017 Lisa Schliff The Union (Nevada County) Letter (pdf) Medicare voucher proposal a bad idea (voucher proposal for Medicare, it will increase costs and risks for everybody; tell Congressman LaMalfa that you don't want Medicare cuts.)
May 7, 2017 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter (pdf) A way to create positive change (RESULTS promotes legislation that makes a difference in health, economic and education policies for America and around the globe.)
May 26, 2017 Georgia Platts San Jose Mercury News Letter (pdf) Trump's health care plan will help the rich get richer (23 million Americans will lose health insurance under Trumpcare.)
May 30, 2017 Sue Oehser East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Partnership for education is simply too important to cut (Urge your member of Congress to speak out in support of an increased U.S. pledge to the Global Partnership for Education.)
June 8, 2017 Tari Nicholson East Bay Times Letter (pdf) U.S. must not cut its poverty outreach around the world (Development assistance helps educate people and helps prevent war.)
June 10, 2017 Willie Dickerson The Sacramento Bee Letter (pdf) Leading the way (Ask your senators and ask them to pass affordable health care for all Americans.)
June 13, 2017 Margaret Wotkyns East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Urgent need for more support of U.S. humanitarian outreach (Ask your legislators to oppose Trump’s proposed 30% cut in humanitarian assistance.)
June 14, 2017 Jacqueline Finley The Union (Nevada County) Letter (pdf) President Trump's proposed budget is very shortsighted and inhumane (Americans, regardless of political affiliation, need to put party preference aside and demand that Trump's proposed budget be rejected.)
June 21, 2017 Ricardo Narvaez East Bay Times Letter (pdf) Worried about administration's policy plans about foreign aid (Humanitarian foreign aid saves lives.)

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